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7 Kitchen Must-Have Tools

Thursday, November 10, 2016
7 Kitchen Must-Have ToolsLike0

There are some tools that no kitchen should be without. Here is a list of the most valuable must haves!

  1. Stand mixer with attachments – Looking for one machine that can do it all? You can find it in a Stand Mixer and personalize it with your kitchen needs. Like to make fresh pasta? A dough attachment fits the bill. Looking to create those yummy new zoodles? An attachment makes those as well as fresh spiral apple slices. A novice in the kitchen just looking to start out? Any stand mixer comes with basic mixing, whisk and dough hook to get you started.
  2. Thermometers – A digital for meats and a candy thermometer for candy and oils is all you need to ensure the proper cooking or melting temperature from novice to pro.
  3. Tongs – Simple? Yes, but many miss this necessary tool in their kitchen. A good pair of silicon tongs will allow you to maneuver quickly for stove top cooking.
  4. Cutting board – Best way to combat cross contamination in the kitchen? Color coded cutting boards, one for vegetables, meats and seafood ensures reduces your risk of contamination by keeping raw juices from spoiling other foods.
  5. Crock pot – small or large, this counter top plug in will save you time and money on those days you need a ready to eat meal when on the go. Meal prepping saves time, just pull out of freezer, let thaw and add to crock pot. In 4-6 hours while you are at work or running errands the pot does all the work and you come home to a great meal, and great smell.
  6. Good knife and sharpening steel – So important to avoid cuts and allow for faster prepping. Invest in one good 5-7 inch knife with a sharpening blade and sharpen often.
  7. Dough cutter/scrapper – Not only is this hand little tool essential in baking, it doubles as a quick scraper for your cutting board to make prep time a snap.
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